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Author Topic: Question on stock footage  (Read 239 times)

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Question on stock footage
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:05:32 pm »
I understand why it is used, what I like to know is , how is it stored until it is needed ?

The reason I ask is I have the complete set of Alias Smith and Jones.  While watching The Posse that Wouldn't Quit. I thought I saw Nick and Heath Barkley of Big Valley with a small group riding behind them like they too were a posse, it is a fast bit, I ran the bit a few times and still saw them but they were not a part of the story line.

Some on the BV site figured because both were ABC shows  that had something to do with it but Big Valley was filmed at Desilu or a 4 Star Production.And if memory serves Desilu became part of Pararmount ..AS&J was at Universal  two different studios and there is 2 years between BV end and AS&J first show and the show I am talking about was in the second season.

The show can be shown here
the part I am talking about is at the 20:20 spot.

So is all stock footage of a series packed with the series it was done for... How dose another show...filming go about getting stock footage or a bit from another show to use.

It just seems odd the bit was done for BV and 7 yrs later it shows up in a different show..I could see if it was of a mountain or certain river but of two main characters off a show years before?!? 

How is stock footage handled and how would you go about getting it to use? 

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Re: Question on stock footage
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2013, 11:17:40 pm »
Lost Shuttle 2:

  There are, and have been, stock film and movie footage for many decades. You need only search the internet for "Stock Film Footage" or "Stock Movie Footage" to find innumerable suppliers of movie, video and still images!

  Such images cost money, generally. also ensure that there are NO royalties based on distribution of the images you purchase. Sometimes re-use royalties DO apply so be sure to research such usage. Seek expert business and legal advice prior to entering into such agreements.

  Also note, usually your rights are NOT exclusive of others using the same footage or images.

  I also believe there is a bartering system as well.

  Make sure all such footage you purchase the right-to-use is accompanied by necessary release forms for models, actors and site images. Look before diving in!!!


Offline Lost Shuttle 2

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Re: Question on stock footage
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2013, 01:59:18 am »
Gary I have no intention of  purchasing any footage I was just trying to find out if any one could explain how a scene from Big Valley ended up in a show on Alias Smith And Jones I mean after all I think Lee and Peter should have gotten some kind of credit :) bad  Lost Bad.

OH believe me between Mr Briles who played Eugene on Big Valley and the Big Valley site, I do know about royalties. and if  a show is or is not in public domain. we have had many talks (?) about such things as matter of  fact I know more now then I ever thought  I would. Have also learned about the copy right system and how that works

I now post when it is brought up about  posting on youtube or the use of bits for musical videos or the bootlegger who says they can sell certain shows as they are in public domain, the Big Valley site has a whole list on how Public Domain works..

I guess I wondered if say Universal could go to Paramount and say we need a bit of someone ridding like mad to add to a show to fill in a bit of time.

I'll let someone else make the movies and do the stock stuff I'll just write my stories and use my imagination for filler :)

But I thank you for the advice its always good to have a person make sure you know what you are getting into.


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