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Author Topic: A new Sci Fi book out  (Read 101 times)

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A new Sci Fi book out
« on: July 13, 2013, 05:49:07 pm »
Not sure this should go here if not sorry,

Ok I should be doing housework but had the chance to go and see an OLD Town hall, The Casper Hall in a town next to me. there are 20 steps to the top to the room that had been use to have plays and such in it lol porbly lots of pololical meeting too, it could hole 194 people. great old windows, and wood floor there was a tape out line of a person on the floor.

The reason it was an Ice Cream Social to get people to come and get information on a possible Library being put in town for the kids... So I went to check it out. yes I walked up the steps to find had I gone to the back of the building they had an elevator I could have used

I also got to talk to a writer he has a book out you can check it out here

it is Sci Fi...heres a bit from the cover  **Nick and Beth survive, but few others do. Were they just in the right place at the right time, to live, to pass what they have learned to their offspring, or is there an even deeper reason? Is it God's or Nature's plan? Others survive and a clan developes. Ancient skills are revived, few have the knowledge needed.**

The wirter  is a plant worker and has not had any classes in writting. he sort of helped me with a couple things, We had a nice chat about not only writting, but history in general and pets. he told me I should do something on what I had told him about the pigs we had and the cats.

So if you like Sic fi have a look. and no he did not ask me to do a bit of PR for him but hey dose not hurt and the book sounds interesting. Oh it takes place in upstate New York, not your normal setting  for such a story.

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